What our patients are saying...

"My husband started seeing Dr.Macaulay a few years ago and I followed suit. Recently he retired and Dr.Yadav took over. He's great! Unfortunately, I don't have the best teeth (yay genetics!) and I've needed quite a bit of work. He's patient, caring, always checks in to make sure you are comfortabl..."

"Dr. Yadav did a great job making me feel comfortable. My teeth are cavity free and feel great. Dental hygienists Renae and Debbie were very careful to make the cleaning process as complete and pain free as possible."

"My overall experience was really good. Everyone in clinic is really friendly. Dr. Varun Yadav is my primary doctor and he is really great."

"Love this dentist! I've been coming here for years and it was a really smooth transition when Dr. Yadav came in. Excellent customer service and kind staff all around. All the hygienists are wonderful! They give great tips on small things you can do to improve your dental/gum health. Definitely re..."

"I highly recommend anyone who wants to experience a friendly professional atmosphere and a great service. Dr. Yadav is a great dentist and a nice sweet person, you will not forget his smile! He is very honest about treatments that can help you. I was having issue with my teeth and I text him abou..."

"This was my second visit here and everyone has been fabulous.  Very helpful, very accommodating of my crazy schedule, and my teeth feel so much better."

"I am terrified of going to dentists and I highly recommend "my favorite Dentist". The doctor explains everything extremely clearly and is very gentle."

"I could not recommend Dr V higher than I do. A few months back a tooth treated by other dentists had to be extracted. I was in terrible pain. He received me on a short notice, patiently explained my options and put in place a treatment plan (including an implant which was not possible in this off..."

"Great dentist. Super friendly and great bed side manner. Would refer hom to anyone. Had a crown done here. I hate going to the dentist but he makes you feel very comfortable."

"I've been a patient of this office for over 15 years and I highly recommend it. The staff is so friendly and professional and they help keep my teeth healthy and bright! Dr. Yadav is very thorough and pleasant. I look forward to going to the dentist!"

"Dr. Yadav has been such an awesome caretaker for my teeth! He has done a fantastic job taking over for our prior family dentist. His chair side manor is wonderful and he's very enthusiastic whenever I come in for a visit. Looking forward to his expertise for my various and annoying dental issues!"

"We are new patients to Dr V. He took over when my previous dentist retired. After seeing my dentist for over 15 years, we were a little apprehensive about seeing someone new. However Dr V made it a very comfortable experience. He is very gentle, knowledgeable and efficient. The transition has bee..."

"Since their transition, My Favorite Dentist has maintained an impressive level of transparency and respect towards their patients. While there are changes within the business, Dr. Yadav, the hygienist, and the receptionist have been nothing but kind, professional, and informative. It is quite a f..."

"I highly recommend this office! Dr. Yadav and his staff were amazing during my first visit.I am extremely happy and highly recommend you pay them a visit if you're looking for an attentive, friendly, and professional dental office."

"Dr Yadav, made me feel comfortable and relaxed for my first dentist visit in years! His assistants did great with cleaning my teeth, his staff was professional and eased all my anxiety I had about insurance stuff. At the end of my visit Dr Yadav told me about the next steps and I look forward to ..."

"Dennis Macaulay redrilled and refilled one of my cavities last year that was bothering me. I had gone to two other dentists before him and they could not fix that filling. Dennis Macaulay did such a great job on the filling and it no longer bothers me at all. He also does not do unnecessary filli..."

"I've been coming here for years, tried other dentists and then come back.I have strong confidence in Dr MacAulay's skills. Also, I've noticed a number of times that he's done his best to control costs.Debbie is my hygienist and she's great."

"I really appreciate the warm, friendly staff at Dr. Macaulay's office.  When I show up for an appointment they see me right away, make sure to answer all my questions, and do a very professional, thorough job.  This week I had an appointment with Dr. Macaulay for a small filling and it was so int..."

"We have been visiting Dr Macaulay for the last two years. He is very skilled dentist and the whole organization is very professional."

"I have been coming here for quite a few years and have always been very satisfied with the treatment from Dr. Macaulay, Dorothy, and Debbie.  I see them every 6 months and actually enjoy going for my routine check up.Dr. Macaulay recently fixed my chipped front tooth and it looks amazing!!  They ..."

"Dr. Macaulay has been my regular dentist for several years, but until recently, I had no need for any of his services besides regular cleaning.  But due to a recent experience, I am now extremely impressed by his technical skill, meticulous work, and his drive to stay current with latest developm..."

"I decided to visit Dr. Macaulay's office after developing some pain in my tooth that was treated for a root canal by some other Dentist. I was not happy with my other dentist because she procrastinated tooth filling resulting into yet another 'potential' root canal. Dr. Macaulay did a series of X..."

"Dr. Macaulay is the best dentist I have been to in my life. He made a crown for me and everything was so smooth. Thank you Dr. Macaulay!"

"What a dentist!  Dr. Macaulay has terrific chair-side manner.  He's extremely gentle, professional, reassuring, and friendly.  His staff is outstanding.  Donna & Debbie, the hygienists, are super nice and do very thorough cleanings.  Dr. Macaulay won't ever scare you with exaggerated opinions of ..."

"I want to write review for Doctor Macaulay for so long but I have so much to say about him I was not sure what I should write! He is very patient and calm, always answering all your questions! I like how he is (when explaining the treatment you need) giving you few options! I like how he always c..."

"I finally understand how anesthesia is supposed to be applied to the tooth/mouth area. The needle is supposed to be inserted slowly so the numbing agent in front of the needle has time to make the area in front of it numb so you don't feel pain. If the injections hurt when numbing the mouth then ..."

"One line summary - Best dentist in the bay area. I have lived in the east, peninsula and now the south, hard to beat Dr. M and his "D" team. My relationships with dentists are in line with Woody Allen's relationships with his girlfriends (young), Shaq with his weight regimen or any classic love-h..."

"I'm really sad that I can no longer come to Dr. Macaulay's office for my dental cleaning. I barely just found them maybe 2 years ago. The entire staff here is wonderful. Everyone is super nice and super friendly. They really take time with the cleanings and everything was pain free for me. I swit..."

"I HAVE to apologize to Dorothy for the below review.  It was NOT Dorothy's fault in the billing, it was MetLife!  Our group number was changed and Dr. Macaulay's office was not notified.  Again, Dr. Macaulay is great along with his entire staff.  Dorothy was very paitent with me when I personally..."

"This is by far the best experience I have had with any dentist.  I hardly felt anything when getting fillings done & Dr. Macaulay explained everything he was doing. He & his staff are very professional & friendly.  My husband & 9 year old daughter use the same dentist &a..."

"Finding Dr. Macaulay (over 7 years ago) and his outstanding staff, was the best thing ever happen to me. He is the best dentist that I've worked with and he genuinely cares about his patients and his work. He provides the best dental service in Sunnyvale. It's a pleasure to call th..."

"This was my first visit to Dr. Macaulay and I can say that it was a positive experience. The staff was very friendly and genuine. I would definitely recommend this place to any of my friends."

"I became a patient of Dr. Macaulay in 2006. He had good reviews on internet and I decided to try it out. I don't regret. He offered me several treatment solutions that I haven't heard from the other dentists."

"Before moving here, I went to a family dentist for 18+ years - i.e. he was a member of the family!  Dr. Maccaulay and his staff are the closet I've come to re-creating the same type of atmostphere - informal yet professional and also a great sense of trust and care.  No pushy procedures..."

"Super super friendly staff and doctor. They are all really efficient and nice. I have spoken on the phone a couple of times with dorothy and she hooked me up with a good deal. I have been coming her for a couple of months now and even though its kind of a drive from san jose, it's totally worth i..."

"My first dental experience in this country back in 2006, was a nightmare, and I'm still recovering from that, but finding Dr. Macaulay (over a year ago) and his outstanding staff, was the best thing ever, when it comes to my dental care. He is by far, the best dentist (better than my life time fa..."

"Dennis is a great Dentist!  He did a crown on me last year.  Wonderful office."

"I found Dr. Macaulay on Yelp about a year ago, and with all his great reviews I decided to set up an appointment. My husband and I couldn't be happier with Dr. Macaulay and his staff. I have struggled for so many years with numerous dentists, never quite happy with the service or the quality of c..."

"My first dental experience in this country back in 2006, was a nightmare, and I'm still recovering from that, but finding Dr. Macaulay (over a year ago) and his outstanding staff, was the best thing ever, when it comes to my dental care. He is by far, the best dentist (better than my life time fa..."

"Dr. Dennis is by far the best dentist I have ever been to, and as I've moved around a lot, I've had been exposed to several.Before we even get into the details of dentistry, I can start with rating the service. Everyone at the office is extremely pleasant. They've always remembered my name when I..."

"If you're looking for a great dentist look no further. Dr. Macaulay and the staff in his office are terrific. They are helpful, thorough, and do a great job."

"A couple years ago Dr. Macauley was referred to me by my orthodontist who worked in close proximity to his office.  Dr. Macauley took care of a mis-aligned crown in just ten minutes.  My hubby and I have been seeing him ever since for regular dental check-ups and cleanings; his location..."

"I would have to agree with other reviewers: this office is excellent. I only had a regular cleaning done, but they went into more thorough investigation to other issues that I brought up. I felt that my concerns were well addressed. I have recently started looking for a new dentist - my regu..."

"I would have to agree with other reviewers: this office is excellent. I only had a regular cleaning done, but they went into more thorough investigation to other issues that I brought up. I felt that my concerns were well addressed. I have recently started looking for a new dentist - my regular d..."

"Dr. Macaulay is definitely not the closest dentist to either my house or my work, but upon reading his stellar reviews on Yelp I decided to go to him. My last visit to a dentist was 4 years ago and my teeth today are as pristine as Berlin in 1945. On a fateful day in Oct 2009, a molar gave in to ..."

"Dr. Macaulay and his staff are beyond fantastic! He was my first and only dentist, and he's been taking care of my teeth since I was a tiny tot. Dr. Macaulay is exceptionally gentle and is really great at calming your fears if you're a dentist-o-phobe! :) The staff are never anything but nic..."

"I made an appt with Dr. Macaulay based solely on Yelp reviews and I wasn't disappointed in the least! I left my previous dentist because although the dentist was excellent, I had to wait at least 30-45 minutes every time I went in for an appt. At Dr. Macaulay, I was greeted promptly and wasn't ke..."

"This man and his staff are just *fantastic*!My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Maculay for a few years now.  While I have good teeth, I cannot stand the sensation of cleanings, and my husband is extremely dental-pain intolerant, but Dr. Maculay always leaves us smiling and feeling go..."

"I got an  infection from an impacted wisdom tooth. From yelp I found Dr. Macaulay. This man is a god send. They  got me an appointment at 9:00 am the same day. Took xrays and referred me to an oral surgeon. However, he prescribed me antibiotics and pain killers before sending me home.&n..."

"I read all the reviews for this wonderful caring dentist. I totally agree with the others who have written their glowing reports about him . I too had a problem and was referred to a dentist by a neighbor. It turned out he couldn't fix the problem and referred me to Dr. Macaulay. The problem..."



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