Root Canals

Root Canals

A root canal is an endodontic treatment dedicated solely to treat and recover damaged teeth. The term is derived from cleaning the canals inside the tooth roots. The treatment aims at removing the damaged areas of the dental pulp. Some of the common reasons behind a damaged pulp are cracked tooth, deep cavity, trauma, or repeated dental treatment.

What causes deep root infection of your teeth?

There are several factors behind root infection. Usually, teeth get infected when decay exceeds beyond the enamel and progresses its way to the dentin. Deep root decay is when infection passes the down the layers of the dentin and arrives at the nerves of the tooth, also known as the pulp chamber. By this time, inflammation would have soared releasing chemicals that begins to infect the tips of the root. The best way to retrieve teeth from this state would be to consider a root canal therapy.

What happens during your root canal procedure?

A root canal procedure would be performed by an endodontist. The procedure would be carried out in a number of steps as follows:


The dentist would take a series of dental X-rays if you are suspected of a typical root canal case. The examination would be done in order to locate the point of infection.


The patient would be administered with local anesthesia prior to the procedure.


This would involve creating an access hole to remove the diseased tooth pulp.


After cleaning the pulp chamber, the opened roots would be filled with a biocompatible filling material and sealed off with resin cement.

Care After A Root Canal 

Root canal treatment has always had a high success rate. However, in order to ensure that results last long, here are a few ways to ensure your teeth stays healthy even after a root canal:

  • Following regular oral hygiene habits
  • Regular dental checkups (that includes, examinations and cleanings)
  • Avoiding hard food that may disrupt your newly restored teeth

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