The challenge of having an aesthetically unpleasant smile can be hard as it could directly affect the patient's confidence to smile and present themselves. Many dental conditions such as missing or broken teeth can be restored today with dental restorations to restore appearance and aesthetics, dental bridges being one among them.

How can dental bridges help restore your smile?

Dental bridges function by bridging gaps left by missing teeth. The dental bridge would replace missing teeth by using surrounding teeth structures as support. The replacement tooth would restore the missing tooth. It will be supported by dental crowns that will be placed above natural teeth.

In order to understand which dental restoration works best for you, schedule an appointment with us.

Types of dental bridges

Bridges (fixed bridges)

Bridges are generally prosthetic dental appliance that can replace gaps formed by missing teeth by closing it with a replacement tooth supported by crowns on either side

Removable bridges (dentures)

Removable bridges are also known as partial dentures. They come in the form of gum-colored plastic structures with embedded replacement teeth

Why are dental bridges the best option of replacing missing teeth?

There are several teeth replacement options that we can choose from such as implants, bridges, crowns, etc. Dental bridges have a lot to offer as a teeth replacement option as they have played an important role in restoring aesthetics and appearance of the smile.

  • It offers great convenience
  • Gives a secure and stable dental appliance
  • Patients can easily resume to normal day to day activities.
  • Improves confidence
  • Restores teeth damages due to injury or fracture
  • Easily replaces missing teeth
  • Gives patients a fuller smile

We offer patients with implant-supported bridges to offer more anchorage as a dental restoration. To understand more about our dental services, request an appointment with us by calling our office or online.

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